PTimm Andy Timm

PTimm Andy Timm

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First Name * PTimm
Last Name * Andy Timm
Username * PTimm
Country * USA
City Alpharetta


Availability: Freelance


Currently working as a Contract Fantasy Illustrator. I have illustrated and designed over 30 character cards for Rise of Mythos owned by Changyou, as well as concept art for Applibot.While contracted with Chaosium I illustrated over 40 interior black and white spots and 2 book Covers. Currently I am doing illustration work for Paizo Pathfinder, as well as card illustration for Hi Rez Studio's game Smite.

Hi Rez Studios-Illustrated character cards for the game Smite 2014-present

Paizo Pathfinder- Illustrated full color interior character spots and scenes 2014-present

Changyou- Designed and Illustrated over 40 Character cards for the game Rise of Mythos 2013-2014

Applibot- 3 Character Concepts 2013


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